January 30, 2018

You hear strange stories like this perennially from Governor to Governor across the land and wonder what Governors who make the claims want us to learn from them. That we should line up all past Governors of Sokoto State and march them to jail, in this case?

Just listen to the story: in spite of all the offending policies of national character, catchment area, geopolitical spread, etc etc there in FGGC, Tambuwal, Sokoto State, only 30 indigens of Sokoto state are on roll. How come?

When I served in Bauchi in 1973 what engaged my head all through was how we would remove the Almajiris from the streets and make them end up in ABU, UNILAG, UNIIFE, UNN, UNIBEN, STANFORD, HAVARD etc etc.

But what do we have? In 2018, 45 years after, I understand Almajiris still exist on the roads and in market places.

And this fellow is saying he increased admission from 30 to 115. How did he do it using his Ministry of women education? Did the Ministry open the heads of the girls to put mathematics, physics, and chemistry into them? Just how?

I believe we can establish the crime of NEGLIGENCE against all those past rulers. Let’s do that and send them to JAIL across the land.

I bet you this nonsense will stop and it MUST STOP.

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January 30, 2018

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