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May 11, 2019

“Sanusi persecuted me as he thought I wanted his job at CBN” – Cecilia Ibru.

Nigerian newspapers are known for scripting COMEDY and giving it the garb of INTERVIEW. With a whole lot of 4,826 words, a person who was prosecuted, plea-bargained, convicted, and made to spend a chunk of her term on hospital beds is now reporting as the one establishing universities to train tomorrow’s leaders. Very soon she may win one of the notable awards in the Women-of-Substance Award series.

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One thought on "ORIGINAL NONSENSE"

  • criminals in this country become heroes shortly after word and that is why we can never win the war against corruption. Thank God she did not say its because she is a christian or from the South-South region. I saw Ibori this weekend commissioning a road project. Where are all those convicted or four d guilty by Murtala and other governments till date. Certainly, we are a people with a false sense of history.


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