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January 3, 2020


This sermon was not preached in year 2020 as I have claimed, but in year 2019. Its effect will however be measured in July 2020 and that is what makes it qualify to be tagged this new decade’s first sermon.

Unfortunately, it is 40 minutes long and among my over 4,000 contacts through whom I ultimately reach 13,000 readers, I doubt if I can count more than a hundred who may have the latitude to listen all through.

But that is not an issue. Even if it is only ten readers that listen through, the message has its intrinsic capability to spread and sink.

We are talking Africa here. Far beyond what we normally engage in talking. And there are new facts, new perspectives, and a new bite in Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao’s delivery under the title MAKE AFRICA GREAT….TIME for AFRICA.

It is not to say we are hearing all things that are entirely new. Certainly, however, many of the facts presented are new information. They are presented in non-violent, non streetwide demonstrating, non-table-banging and non-bullying manner but in a classic intellectual presentation. And that makes all the difference apart from the speaker being a female of international repute.

“.. ..The game is up” she said and “You see, you dont go to Europe, China, Mexico, India and see black people driving the development agenda of those regions. You must not, cannot and certainly should not go to Africa and find non-Africans driving the Africa continental development agenda.”

Having listened, what is your perspective?

I am told China has been going round Africa pledging to develop her. Yes, under a globalisation agenda. Certainly not a developmental agenda.

A reader just posted:…

“Whao!!! What can I say? Thank God for such a woman of steel… Africans must rise up to develop their Africa and it starts with me”..
– Adeola O Peters.

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