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53 minutes of CELEBRATING Nigeria’s CommTech Industry on VIDEO

January 1, 2021

(Appraising a TechTv Documentary)

I am trying to remember if I have seen a similar job of this quality, or anything near it, on our industry.

It should not surprise that the documentary is of top standard since it is produced and directed by Mr Don Pedro Aganbi (Techtv), unarguably one of the best in the trade. I once told him that if reporting the Nigerian commtech industry were soccer, he would be the FIFA of it all. And that explains the FIFA sobriquet that I hang on him.

Yes, 53 minutes that is worth anybody’s quality time.

Indeed, reversal of industry gains is nothing unusual. Thank God the documentary does not focus attention on that. It tells only the good stories. Which is alright.

Bad stories have, however, been chasing themselves in recent time. The release of this work, infact, comes amidst a worrying directive of government that phone owners might loose their lines, in the middle of christmas festivities, if they fail to obtain a NIN (national identification number) for themselves. And that is just a part of the entire subject matter of the industry regulation we are celebrating being put on chains. The other part is the actual selfish gameplan that ends the industry in such consistently poor thinking.

The good story is: this is an industry that is built by its own players. So when officials of government finish with it, it will rise again in 2023.

The documentary is available at

Happy New Year.

Titi Omo-Ettu, FAEng.
January 1, 2021.

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