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5G, Global War Machine in which a Nigerian is a Potential Commander

September 10, 2019

There is justification in President Trump’s renowned jitters over any progress that China makes in conquering technology. The argument is simple: commanding technology as one would a machine leads to commanding global economy and all that goes with it.

There are many angles of it we can discuss, and the human angle is one. I can discuss the Nigerian (I do not mean Nigeria) and the various capabilities that are in stock waiting for the appropriate time, environment and climate to make its impact the boom of the future.

The Cable’s reportage of Yusuf Sambo’s foray into research on the useful assets of 5G technology best captures a good insight. The little thing to add is that there are many other Nigerians in Yusuf’s generation who are making similar inroads into technology and its powerful influences. And it is good they are getting reported these days.
The online magazine says:

“Much of the global market in 2019 has been driven by trade wars between the United States and The Peoples Republic of China. President Donald Trump signed an executive order that no US company should use telecommunications equipment made by technology companies that pose national security risks.

The ban was targeted at Huawei, the Chinese tech company leading 5G revolution in Asia. Experts say the US may lose as much as $500 billion, if China beats America to the best 5G technology — highlighting how important 5G will be in the years ahead. The countries that lead the 5G revolution will earn billions of dollars, and greatly improve their economies, and drive global change — one of such countries is the United Kingdom.

According to Nicola Sturgeon, the first woman to become the first minister of Scotland, the country is aiming to be the 5G leader in the United Kingdom. She says 5G could enable Scotland to add about £17 billion to GDP by 2035 and create 160,000 jobs.
At the heart of Scotland’s 5G revolution is Nigeria’s Yusuf Abudulrahmam Sambo!

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