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April 12, 2020

NewYorkCity has suddenly become a word that sets me thinking. I think of the humanity of that community and especially of my friends. And now the rampaging pandemic. The figures are scaring and there is reason to pray and pray hard. When I get information that I consider authentic among the multitude of junks that fill the air these days, my conclusion is too odd to voice out.

Something keeps telling me COVID-19 has not landed in the shore that is local to me. Somebody is ‘tested positive’ today and after he is taken in, quarantined and treated (I guess) then he is declared ‘tested negative’. Unfortunately some die, some discharged. That seems to be the summary.

After listening to a patient’s personal account (of pain) which I am about, very reluctantly, to share on this blog page, my conclusion is that we are dealing with a global pandemic that calls for local solutions.

Too many things to think and talk about but I am inclined to conclude that those in authority over us have a big problem in their hands. I pray that God gives them the wisdom to take good decisions and the good luck that we work with them. We usually don’t. Our real tragedy.

That is not to blame the prople though. How do you work with a minister that does not know whether or not his staff who are in the front line of our attack strategy get something extra for this special moments. To him, that is what they do normally and ‘nothing is special’ at these times. How do you work with such heads or minds?

Something tells me we have done well to close all borders, even if a little late. My prayer is that we do not open them prematurely. I have other prayers but prayers are things I do only with myself and in my way.

Everybody seems to know something that every other person does not know and very many ‘experts’ have suddenly emerged. People grab camera and microphone, rant through and send into cyberspace. I guess those who have good voice and a command of the language they choose to use are probably making the most impact. “I am Dr. Xyz,…listen…” and off (s)he goes. May the Almighty safe us from them.

I hope these people do not replace those who have authority to talk on these issues. And I hope those who have authority do not use anything outside facts and figures to pronounce various commands to us. Or better still that they are not even afraid of making pronouncement because of the fear of their own incompetence.

I pray the patient in the video recovers and that God heals the world. May the blessings of Easter be with us all.
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