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A good pact from PACT

August 31, 2018

Look, I do not know about you. The Nigerian youth is now beginning to impress me. I am told the Presidential Aspirants (have now) Come Together (PACT) and signed a pact. I had predicted, falsely, that those thirteen or so young men and women who are Presidential aspirants would go to sleep when they eventually failed to generate a consensus candidate from among themselves. But behold, I just watched a news clip in which they all went into a room yesterday and came out to announce that they had chosen Mr Fela Durotoye as their consensus candidate. Twenty long hours after, no one among then has sang a different song, the typical Nigerian style.

What that tells me is that they are a new breed of politicians. Not the type we have had the misfortune of calling that name for some time now.

Now they earn my goodwill and my prayer. I have not promised them my vote yet and I am not yet about ready to put my resources on the line for them the way I did in 2014/2015 for PMB to emerge.

Something tells me that it is at this point they will all go their different ways and only the real patriots among them will hook on to Fela and work for and with him to succeed. I pray a good number of them do.

There is not yet a battle and already the odds are monumentally huge against Fela. He has so much work to do that he will succeed only if the youths he represents think they desire to succeed. If election were to hold tomorrow or next week I will vote PMB because in spite of all his baggage with me he ranks shoulder higher than anyone among all those hawks who has any track record to even rate him, as things stand.
If I have to change my mind, what happens in the next six months will be the decider.

But I might have been wrong. Read This

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