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A Night of Three Good Reads

May 28, 2018

I am nocturnal. That is to say I work in the night. By work I mean reading and writing. Over the years it moved from serious work to jolly jolly work of these days.

This night, I read three nice scripts.

One is the post of a lady who sent a Children’s Day Greetings to her lover simply because, according to her, even as an adult he still sucks breasts (I mean breasts, plural; not breast, singular).

Another is a series of 50th birthday bash photographs of the wife of one of the few cerebral legislators (opinion mine) in the land. The photos left me flabagasted. You need to see them. I wonder where and how. Let us say ‘on demand’.

The third is the THISDAY’s ‘editorial’ titled “The Morning Shows the Day…” which is a post of what each of some members of the Newspaper’s Editorial Board writes on the matter that I would have called “And Thou Shalt Give Account”.

According to Segun Adeniyi, the Chairman of the Editorial Board, “In a ‘Dilemma for Optimists’, CHIDI AMUTA argues that while Buhari’s distinctive vision and leadership style can no longer be in doubt, the essential outlines of that leadership derive from a past that most Nigerians would rather forget while TOKUNBO ADEDOJA believes that even when major successes have been achieved in the battle against Boko Haram in the Northeast, a new frontier of insecurity featuring marauding armed herdsmen storming communities and inflicting pains, deaths and destructions, has emerged. Meanwhile, PETER ISHAKA expresses serious concerns that as we prepare for a general election next year, not many Nigerians think the country is on the right track.
Living in denial, according to TONY URANTA, has become the default pastime of the Buhari administration to the collective detriment of the nation, even when there are obvious lessons to learn from the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. Dissecting the economy, ALEX OTTI contends that ordinarily, the year before election is normally slow with governance but strong with political activities but that the situation is now compounded by a late budget. On his part, IYOBOSA UWUGIAREN argues that going by his policies and programmes in the past three years, the president has not demonstrated that the democratic credentials sold to Nigerians before the 2015 general election were genuine.
President Buhari, also in the estimation of SONNIE EKWOWUSI, has not met the expectations of most Nigerians while ANGELA ATTAH and OKEY IKECHUKWU examine the past three years of the administration and draw their own conclusions. As usual, BISI OGUNBADEJO speaks to the Nigerian condition in his cartoon.”

Good morning.

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