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A Portrait of Malam’s Missuses

November 12, 2019

There was one essence of Atiku’s campaign that I did not read anywhere.

I crisscrossed the north south flying axis during the last campaigns and I ran into quite a few episodes.

Here was the usual sight of middle aged ‘damsels’ who dressed somewhere in between Atilogu dancers and MBGN (most beautiful girl in Naija) competition line ups. Except that they were nowhere as young as you would see in those classical parades. You know? Orobo kind of things.

They donned ‘Atiku for President‘ facecaps mostly made of red linings on green T-shirts (you wonder why not green-white-green).

At no time were they less than 20 and they looked like they didn’t board with boarding passes but were rather herded into the aircraft by some machoman who appeared to have been paid to pay for the purpose.

I asked one of them if she had a voter’s card and she said
“you are funny young man, We dont use boarding pass”
“No madam, I mean voter’s card”
Yes that’s what I mean now, boarding fass, ….”

Even Sam Omatseye didn’t mention it in Atiku’s Requiem yesterday. One of the best on the matter in recent history. Of course, vintage Sam.

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