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June 23, 2018

There is hardly a better way of putting it than Prof Akin Oyebode has captured in this clip. The Senate President’s track record is of such sordid content that electing such a character to head the Senate paints an ugly (peharps correct) profile of what we are.

Run a list of the 8th Senate whose members did the voting on our behalf and you’ll reach your own conclusions.

To say these are the folks we voted for is to say one has not listend to AY (the fellow who described himself as a thug and who said their own mandate as thugs is to “dabaru the whole place” if and whenever their principal lost election.

So where do we go from there?

And some yamheads are asking us “did he send them to go and rob?”. And that after murdering 33 innocent souls in Offa. Listen >>>>>

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