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A return to Man’s Live-In Enemy Matters

December 29, 2020


I have just stumbled on this video clip, rated very highly for its information content on man’s live-in enemy, the Prostate.
I was diagnosed for prostate enlargement at 48 and have managed it so far. I am 71 heading for 72.

Pre-Google, I must have read several books on the ailment before it became fun for everybody to write and post clips on YouTube.

For five years now i must have talked to over fifty fellow patients, not prescribing treatment (I am not trained to do so) but just talking about my personal experiences with a sermon of disbelief in undue rush to surgery, rather a careful cooperation with our doctors on management.

I made good sense to not less than forty of them going by their subsequent feedback.

I have written three essays published on my blog page evangelising my position and I benefited from a few feedback on my views and experiences.
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With this video clip that i just discovered, i have now henceforth stopped further writing, rather refer to this clip because it has said all that is worth saying and in very good, clear, professional language.

The good thing is, like my effort, it does not prescribe treatment but provides information and education while it leaves treatment for experts to handle.

Please click here 👇 to watch and listen.


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