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March 4, 2019

Yes, that is what these moments are. No harm in having jokes except that these ones all center around the former Vice-President’s march to the Court. At my last count I had received seven episodes. The most straightforward is the one by ‘Nigerian lawyers’ who are complaining that those who prod Atiku not to go to court are their enemies. They list all ‘professions’ and their ‘practitioners’: politics, thuggery, newspapering; … hangers-on, fine-fine ladies,… afenifere, ohaneze, etc. who have ‘eaten’ their shares of the available largess only to start prodding the big man not to go to court where lawyers are waiting to collect theirs.

Of course, jokes have their audiences, so not everybody is laughing. At least one person will not. And in this circumstance, all those who shared insults at five for one kobo on Facebook only a few weeks ago have just adopted a sidon-look approach.

On the other extreme is this one that is titled ”IKU TO PA ALADIE KO GBODO PA ELEWURE”
My gaad, that one is a full story which is built around the former strongman of Kwara politics. I have that one recast and posted below.

(what kills the fowl owner should not kill the goat owner)

ALADIE’s wife was keeping a secret affair with ELEWURE who incidentally was ALADIE’s friend. She was so desperate that she arranged with ELEWURE and his thugs to kill her husband, ALADIE. She instigated them to come in the middle of night to disturb ALADIE’s fowls, since by so doing ALADIE would come out and they would eliminate him.

ELEWURE and his thugs came as planned and duly rattled the fowls. ALADIE came out to see what was happening to his fowls and he was murdered. Later, ALADIE’s wife got married to ELEWURE.

Unknown to ELEWURE, his new wife was having a secret affair with ONIMAALU [owner of cow].

ELEWURE’s wife again planned with ONIMAALU to kill ELEWURE so that she could get married to ONIMAALU. She made an exactly similar plan with ONIMAALU to come to ELEWURE’s house in the middle of the night and rattle the goats, so that they could kill ELEWURE once he stepped out to save his goats. Indeed, they came at the middle of night and they disturbed the goats. ELEWURE pretended as if nothing was happening. They disturbed the goats for several hours but smart guy, ELEWURE refused to come out. The wife called ELEWURE’s attention to those outside, but she was shunned. ELEWUREs’ wife pretended going out to check the goats but, in her mind, she wanted to go and inform ONIMAALU and his thugs to come inside to attack her husband since he refused to come out. As she stepped out, she was shot at and killed in the belief that it was ELEWURE. As she was crying for help, ELEWURE told her: *IKU TO PA ALADIE KO GBODO PA ELEWURE’* [what kills the owner of fowl should not kill the owner of goat]

Now the story needs some decoding
Of course, the Wife is OMO BABA OLOYE

If the story is not clear, I am afraid you may have to Google it.


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2 thoughts on "A SEASON of JOKES"

  • Quite interesting and a good research material for our political scientists. It is high time we develipe our democratic system that will tally with our tenperanment and culture. We jestisuiined the parliamentary system after the civil war and adopted the Presidential about thirty years ago. The presidential has proved to become too expensive and it is breeding psuedo-ductators. Maybe we need a mixture of booth or heed Zik’s advise of diarchy- a mixture of civilians and the military as we seem to still have so much to do with the military. In our present dispensation, we are going tohave had 16year if former military leaders as civilan president or 67% in 24years. The are visible in our daily live and purely democratic affairs, na wetin concern mai’gad with democracy?


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