December 24, 2020

The author of a text message posted below actually talks about the consequences of using unfit minds to play specific roles in political engineering of any society.


When he says “This is yet another concrete evidence of the wretched quality of thinking in government”, he is talking of the totality of governance rating when those who hold public office are poor listeners.

We have been told, for example, that we got to this point because for most times “Chairman-NCC, EVC-NCC, DG-NITDA, DG-NIMC, ECTS/ECSM-NCC, Chairman ALTON, CEOs of MTN, Airtel, Ntel, Glo, Smile, and 9Moble are now used to meeting with their Minister only to receive instructions”.

That is what makes it possible that even in spite of the existence of quality minds in that park, the monologue model of the supposed dialogue takes no advantage of them.

Can you imagine that a living mind will contemplate prohibiting citizens’ right to their telephones if they fail to register for a NIN (national identity number). And to make it look like the problem at hand has grave national security consequences, then the whole registration excercise must complete in two weeks. That is a definition in wretched thinking.

What the author of that text has said is simple, heavy, and true of the situation that Nigeria now finds itself.

Meanwhile, I have it on good authority that the coalition of Paradigm Initiative for Information Technology Development and Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative has been in Court shortly after the announcement of those wretched thoughts to seek appropriate declarations and injunctions.

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2 thoughts on "About WRETCHED QUALITY of THINKING"

  • It is sad. And the unfortunate thing is that those who have capacity to think and bring about policies that will affect the good of the populace are intimidated to submission. It is a grave situation and a sad omen for this nation.

  • I have never been good with thorough thinking but my intuition has never failed me, I knew the failure of govt immediately I read about the NIN of a thing and Alas I say to the woes of the people holding powers for the general population


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