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ABSOLUTE FREEDOM? Sorry, I don’t know about that!

April 17, 2020

People who have poor upbringing make advocacy for absolute free speech difficult to push. Some guys think it is their right to say just about any nonsense, fly and spread fake news and get away without consequences simply by hiding behind social platforms in cyberspace.

I just stumbled on a good example of a bad case. A guy was ordered to be put away until the next Court’s sitting on the case. I fished for the guy’s profile and he presents as a politician who masquerades as an advocate of public good, hauling attack on governments, using bad language, and wanting to be called a hero of the masses. Now he met his waterloo with publishing unverified information, perhaps absolute falsehood, on COVID-19 and its management by the Government of his state. And he was charged to Court.

My advice to advocates of freedom of speech is that they press for sensible, implementable laws, not to push that there should not be laws or, worse still, work with failed politicians who misrepresent civilised advocacy.


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