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ADULPHUS WABARA: He who stands to be different

June 3, 2019

“Do you have any regret at 70?”

“There are so many things that if I’m given the opportunity again, I will not do the same way because I now know better. So, I pray again to God to forgive me my sins and to Nigerians, those that I offended on my way up, now that I’m down, they should please forgive me”. – Daily Trust. June 3, 2018″

That was Senator Adolphus Wabara, arguably the first ‘Nigerian at the Top’ to admit he would do things differently given another chance. Very unNigerian. They always play God. They always say ‘given another chance, i will do things the s-a-m-e way I have done’. Even those who plunged us into all the terrible things this country went through and still going through. Ask all of them. I wonder where they all got the training from.

Even the fellow who destroyed the only opportunity our country had in moving on after all Nigerians spoke the same voice across all devides. He is still, on his wheelchair, saying he took the best decision in the circumstance.

The man Adolphus Wabara

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