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October 13, 2018

Something happened when on March 8, 2018, I posted “AMBODE’S COMMISSIONERS SAY 400% INCREASE IS NOT OUTRAGEOUS” on my blog page.
One of the first persons to read the story within five minutes of the post wrote me to say he didn’t think I should be so blunt as to say that it was “naive, tactless, and arrogant for Mr Ambode, our ‘Action Governor’ to have even gone romantic with the fire he was putting his hands into in an election year”.

He also said my language was too hard where I said:
“Many argue that what adds to Nigeria’s problems is a preponderance of many poor young men who never earned a hundred thousand naira per month in their life but who, after being appointed commissioners, special advisers or such other hangers-on positions by politicians talk unguarded nonsense in the name of saying they have a job to do”.

I agreed to edit off the first part of the observations but I insisted I would leave the second part. I was to thank him for his observations. That was how the post became what it remained now at http://titiomoettu.com.ng/blog/ambodes-commissioners-say-400-increase-not-outrageous/

So when on emergence of the face of Jide Sanwoolu in the mix on September 11, 2018, I wrote “QUOTE ME” and somebody responded to say “Haba !!! Just overnight the overwhelming acclaim to AMBODE is fizzling out and in the midst of unrivaled infrastructure development he’s undertaking. This will be a test of will between CITIZENS POWER and GODFATHERISM . “I’m watching how this pans out”, I just told myself that “forgetting easily is second nature to my people”.

The kind of people Mr Akinwunmi Ambode listens to was the kind he still listened to seven months later when he addressed a ‘world press conference’ where he said things he now knows he should not have said.

Sorry, this is one post in which several things have to be read to even get the gist of what I am saying this morning.

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2 thoughts on "AKINWUNMI AMBODE: A FLASHBACK to March 8, 2018"

  • Huuuuum! Truth is bitter,more especially when the hears of the person being cautioned or advised has been blocked. When a person is about to derail,he or she would become arrogant and his or her hears would be blocked to genuine advise.


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