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An EMIR who SHOOTS straight

March 9, 2020

SLS does not dress up the NOZZLE of his GUN before he shoots
He SHOOTS s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t
Like here…..>>>>>….


I am a friend to SLS since his MSSN days. Even if Abdullah Ganduje the naive Governor of kano state did not remove him, with his radical approach to life and the power bestowed on our Governors by the constitution one Governor one day would still remove him.

SLS is one of the most cerebral, dynamic, creative and intelligent minds in this country.

Unfortunately when Allah was distributing diplomacy he wasn’t around. He is blunt to a fault and ventilate his strong opinion without caring whose ox is gored.

Today is a sad day for me when I reflect what Islam and the populace would lose without a sagacious and intellectually endowed person like SLS
When Sharia was introduced in Zamfara and kwankwanso acting the scripts of Obasanjo was fidgety to follow suit, SLS wrote an article that was an advertorial in many newspapers. He lambasted the erstwhile Governor for not being sensitive to the yearnings of the people of kano who cherishe their Islamic heritage. SLS was then a General Manager at UBA where Kano state Government had substantial lodgement. Kwankwanso asked UBA to sack SLS or lose their lodgement in UBA

The management of UBA appealed to SLS to apologise to the Governor but instead of apologising he resigned his appointment as a General Manager in the Bank. Immediately he left UBA he was offered the post of Executive Director in First Bank from where late Yar’adua appointed him as Governor of central Bank .It is on record that he stabilised our Banking system and got rid of the bank executives who were feeding fat on depositors Funds. It was his fertile brain that created AMCON that allowed investors with beautiful ideas to have access to funds without much hassles. It was after Sanusi’s exit from the central bank that AMCON was bastardised and investors started buying private jets from the AMCON loan.

When he resumed at the Central Bank, he criticised the big emoluments of the National Assembly saying it was not sustainable. The National Assembly were furious and invited him asking for apology. He refused telling them they can sack him because his father’s name was not GOVERNOR OF CENTRAL BANK.
When he finished with the National Assembly he accused the Jonathan administration that there was a twenty billion short fall of oil money remittance to Federal purse. He came with incontrovertible evidence of kerosene sale racketeering by top government officials that went into billions of naira. He prognosticated that if oil price should go below sixty dollars Nigeria would go into recession and his prediction was proved right at the end of the day . His criticism of the theft of oil sales led to his sack against the constitutional provision by president Jonathan. By Allah’s providence and against Jonathan’s Government’s position he became the Emir of kano.

The radicalism in his blood would not make him appreciate that there is need for diplomacy in royalty. He was not comfortable with what he regarded as the lack luster performance of Ganduje and he publicly campaigned against his second term. Immediately Ganduje won his immediate agenda was to remove Emir Muhammad Sanusi from power. Many spurious and unsubstantiable allegations were put on his neck.

When all the committees set up to remove him were hampered by court actions Ganduje decided on a kangaroo move which culminated in the removal of the 13th Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi the second today . That was the same fate that befell his grandfather in the regime of late Sir Ahmadu Bello late premier of the then Northern region.

Definitely the last has not been heard of the Emir of kano saga. We expect a lot of legal gymnastics. The erstwhile Emir would definitely fight back since he was not given a fair hearing.

Today is a sad day for all lovers of justice in this country


Alhaji Kunle Sanni

“Sanusi Lamido Sanusi could have been dethroned as the Emir of Kano. However, he remains on the throne of REASON, judging the CONSCIENCE of a NORTH that continues to cling to its PROGRESSIVE past, while toying with its PRECARIOUS present and jeopardizing further its UNCERTAIN future”



And SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI himself is quoted to have said:

“The throne of an emir is not permanent, every king and leader should know this.
If it was a permanent throne, I wouldn’t have been the emir of Kano.

Before I came someone was emir and before him someone else was there.

Whenever God says your time on the throne is over, if you don’t leave with your legs, people will carry your body out of the palace.

It is God that gives power and it is God that takes power”

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4 thoughts on "An EMIR who SHOOTS straight"

  • I pray to Almighty Allah to guide him in his future endeavour. He should have play a father role in the last electioneering campaign and not play politics with royal sit.
    I as person laude his uprightness on most of the issues raised but he should have be more doggedness sometimes as Yoruba adage says Moja mosa LA mon akikanju login meaning as a warrior you must know when to retreat in the war front otherwise your braveness if not well guided may be disastrous for your army and your entire race.


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