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October 5, 2019

The anchor in the video clip shared here is a Nigerian. I was not at the event but my wife got a copy of the clip earlier today and shared with the family.

His name is Prof Yemi Osinbajo, Vice-President of my country.

His hillarious presentation reminds me of a recent story, ….well …. flipside sort of, which I have since forgotten ever happened.

A guy, a supposedly Facebook’friend’ of mine until then, had taken October 1 to post his opinion on Facebook. He pasted a copy on my Facebook wall wherefrom I deleted it without reading. Few hours later, he pasted it again and I then deleted the stuff and blocked him out.

Facebook of course is a highly self-regulating social networking platform where everybody freely expresses views and opinions. I do mine and read a few others whose track records suit me.

This fellow facebook’friend’ titled his opinion “REASONS WHY NIGERIA CANNOT BE CELEBRATED” ( or something like that) for which suggestion I chose not to read the piece.

Judging by his topic, he is probably a failure who has reduced Nigeria to his personal predicament. Fortunately I did not read the text even on his second forcible post to my wall so I did not know for what number of reasons he thought Nigeria is not worth celebrating.

Contrary to his opinion, I probably have more than a hundred reasons why I think Nigeria is worth celebrating but I chose not to share that with anybody. I also guessed he would fill me with reasons of kidnapping, herdsmen, issues relating to ‘zee-oza-room’, xx etc which I am also familiar with. He may not be familiar with innovation, entrepreneurship, talent development etc which is where I focus my attention.

Something told me that the fellow has never achieved anything in his life and like millions of others, he holds Nigeria responsible for that. He has a right to but probably does not know that people like me exist who have played their roles and got enough satisfaction to roll out the drums while the work continues.

I read a few things on and about the affairs of that same Vice-President a few weeks ago and returned pity verdicts on a few of the authors who, like my facebook friend, are frustrates and dregs who fortunately also know how to do good prose.

They, unknown to themselves are, ironically, part of the achievements of Nigeria.

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4 thoughts on "An EVENING to SHARE"

  • Nigeria my country. Is the best country . am proud of my country. Thank for people like you Omo-Ettu and Yemi Osinbajo.

  • For me, this is one of the best reads and quite gratifying too. I do agree that there must be at least one reason to celebrate our country. And to our begrudging friends I pray they find comfort anyways. Happy Independence sir!

  • Thanks Titi
    I really love the clip.
    That man is great. I only wish we have some tech. to show.
    He however gives me strong hopes in Nigeria.
    The never think right will be worn over soon

  • I am truly thrilled and impressed by the VP’s presentation; its content and style. However, I strongly feel sad there was nothing to showcase of our contributions to global knowledge/information economy and development issues. What we are doing on digitization/digitalization/automation/ e-government Services, etc. If anything, we should have a veritable and concrete roadmap, otherwise all the swagger shown in the clips would remain underutilized. Pardon my ignorance.


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