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AREMU, Aremu, aremu, how many times did I call you?

June 7, 2018

AREMU, Aremu, aremu
(Chairman Badbelle Int Ltd of Africa),
How many times did i call you?
Abeg get to work kiakia
All of una, footsoldiers, get up, getup, I say gerrup
Dabaru the whole place if you cant do anything else
Ask Omo Baba Oloye, or IGP, or even Abdulfatah
For permission to reach ‘A.Y’
To take a lesson or two
On how to ‘dabaru the whole place….’
‘Cos June 12 is DEMOCRACY DAY.

Alabawun (Tortoise) is going on a journey. And was asked when he would be back. He said ‘o di igba ti on ba te'( until i am disgraced).

To hell with tortoise.

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