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“AWADA KERIKERI” (Unlimited Humour)

March 1, 2018


“If the only sin Uche Nwosu has committed is marrying my daughter then he has no sin. It will be painful to me if all I have laboured to achieve will be destroyed after I have left in 2019. I am therefore keen in who succeeds me. Who won’t allow the State to go back to Egypt. Who will not damage all the good works we have done.

“Who will not stop free education, stop urban renewal, ensure Political tolerance, maintain all the achievements of the government as if his life depends on it. That’s my interest. What will Uche Nwosu do for me? Since he married my daughter he has only bought two shoes for me. One pair does not even enter my legs. My interest is good governance”

For the full story >>>>>

“Uche Nwosu Will Out Perform Me” – Okorocha

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