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AWESOME: 22.08 minutes of the RIGHT WORD.

December 22, 2018

That title is entirely mine. It captures my impression immediately after listening, all through, the audiobook (that’s what the author calls it). I call it a Book, read professionally, with passion. However, it is truly one chapter of a book written by a colleague, friend, and professional acolyte of mine.

I probably would not have re-broadcast it on my blog so I am not misunderstood as having been re-born (a subject the author talks passionately about), but for the fact that the she asks that it be shared. And that is the minimum I can do for a friend for whom I have inestimable respect. Especially at this festive season of caring and sharing.

Anything done with professional details and panache will normally bend me or at least earn my respect. This piece, in many respects, is one such work.

Nadu Denloye is my colleague at (that is to say she is a Fellow of) the Nigerian Academy of Engineering.


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