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‘Best Before’, ‘Use Before’, ‘Expiry Date’ and the differences in their meaning

August 26, 2018

Mr Babatunde Irukera is one guy whose trajectory I had followed since the day he suddenly changed his mind from contesting Governorship of his State. Kogi, I think.

He eventually settled for an ‘omo nwase orise’ (abeg, hire a yoruba linguist to translate that to English language for you) assignment at the Consumer Protection Council as Director General. In that position, he has been doing battles and personally reporting on them.

His latest battle was with K & K in Lagos and it has been dramatic especially on Twitter.

First, he copies all his Council’s tweets to @NGRPresident and @MBuhari. I am still wondering why that.

Then he is battle-ready to toss everybody into asking questions the moment he gives an unclear explanation of an unclear answer. Wait for this:
“Expiration is safety. Best before is quality” and “Use before is expiry – safety; best before is advisory – quality”.

Here he was explaining away his hurried closure of K&K factory until NAFDAC, by his own admission, promptly conducted tests to say no infraction was found. Just go and read his tweets and publications.

Good, Tunde takes his job seriously. Except that he is ready to write, tweet, or publish his official escapades in manners that show he is still looking for a job.

Thank God he didn’t end up a Governor those days. Youth Yeye bello would have been a child’s play.

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