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April 20, 2019

These are natural weaknesses for which man has no control. Like the tendency is for us to think, as we approach the first stage of old age, that we have survived all odds especially for one who considers he has done his bit. It’s like one dares death and looks straight into its eyes.

That was until a while ago when we lost our upwardly mobile, young and promising daughter Oyinoluwa Oshikanlu. The whole world came crashing and it became clear we have not survived all odds, afterall.

Two weeks into it, we give praise to God Almighty and move on with life. We love her but God loves her more.

Oyinoluwa Oshikanlu is the daughter of Mr Joko Oshikanlu, my best friend of 57 years. She fell in the bath, hit her head against the bathtub, and passed on before reaching hospital.

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11 thoughts on "Between SUNSET and EVENING HOURS"

  • No! This can not be true. Wonderful God please, make her live forever. And as I listened to the soliloque – the unquestionable voice of the Almighty that came crushing on my soul like the melting snow in the Antatic – I heard: “don’t ever forget the real meaning in a name. Oyinoluwa belongs to no one else than onto God himself who maketh and harbors all the mistry of life”. My heartfelt condolences. RIP my daughter.

  • Titi, I’m afraid I don’t understand what I’ve read so far, but I’ll do my best to interpret it. Ok, Oyinoluwa is your daughter and we’ve just lost her! Such a pretty girl full of life! May God console you and her mother and may she rest in peace. Aani riru e mo o.

  • This is truly PAINFUL.
    As I can understand, she is just as much your daughter as you AGE LONG FRIEND’S. May GOD console all affected. Your statement makes it clear, that we accept GOD’S decision completely out of our CONTROL. May GOD grant her eternal rest. Amee.


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