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Bo, We Are Now A Joke

January 12, 2021

“On January 2, the government released a policy for the replacement of SIMs belonging to subscribers whose SIMs had been lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged. … ..”. PUNCH, January 12, 2021 reporting under the title ‘stakeholders worry over sim replacement nin registration policies’

The first point to make is that a directive of government on issues like this is not a policy issue. To link SIM to NIN and the process of doing it is not policy. These are occasional interventions that must be made to ensure things are made easy for telephone users or for smooth management of society.

Secondly, while policy matters are within the purview of the Ministry of Communications, interventions which are regulatory issues are, by law, left for the regulator, NCC, to manage. These are in the Act that establishes the regulator and they are very well known.
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For starters, the Ministry is not equipped with the wherewithal (training, knowledge, logistics, rights, etc.) to manage interventions. Unfortunately our society has now been reduced to one in which we live in the days of the jackal where anything just happens and because our mumu is infinite, we are set to run heleton heleta (zebrudaya’s helter skelter 🤣🤣🤣) because somebody somewhere is thinking wretchedly.

Walahi, we are a joke. Very painful to say but better to be taken as a joke that has an end.

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