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November 15, 2019

“I swore in a Special Adviser and they are tearing their shirts. What is their business? Look, I am the governor of the state. I said I am workaholic. I didnt say I am not a ‘Mr know all’.

I want the people of this state to prosper. I want them to play football. We need foreign exchange. That was why I cancelled some foreign scholarships. Sending somebody to London to read Philosophy is stupid. Let him play football.

I appointed a Special Adviser for Real Madrid and so what? They are complaining that I have not appointed commissioners, are they to teach me how to run this state? If you want to run the state, wait till 2023. You can contest elections. If you win, you can appoint a Special Adviser for Brazilian carnival or Big Brother competition. That’s your business.

They are the same people that will complain that I have not done anything innovative. Now I want to bring Real Madrid and they are complaining. Schools kill you there. Is it only schools we will build? What about our boys who don’t have the brain for school work?

Banana plantation? Come, you people have to stop thinking like farmers. Bush people! They don’t know that Sports is bigger business.

Is it because it’s me that brought it? Everything about me is evil? Is the man I employed not our man? Is it not job creation? Continue talking about me until your hearts knock engine! I think you all saw how that man came here that night and bought that ticket. You all saw it. And you saw how he embarrassed Africa was talking about server results.

You people will not talk if I had brought out money and bought that thing for Tambuwal, you would have opened your dirty mouths and say I was wasting our states money. I am talking about clubs and you are talking about Sharks. Thunder fire you.

People just open their mouths and talk nonsense. If you people are not careful, I will create a ministry of Real Madrid!”

*Humour please

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