August 4, 2018

The fellow who sent the accompanying video clip to me pressed for my comment one hour after I received it and fifty seven minutes after I had deleted it from my phone gallery. She asked why I deleted it so quickly and I explained that after viewing two to three minutes of it I knew the direction it was going and I had very little time to spend on things that do not add value to my life.
She was dissatisfied that I did not pay due attention to such a national issue as grave as revival of the nation’s airline. ‘Well everybody would not pay attention to everything especially when the subject is a field you know nothing about’. She asked, anyway, how I felt about the prospect of Nigeria returning to the AIR and I told her it would not be a new thing for Nigeria to travel by air to PENTASCOPE. She did not catch the joke so she dropped the subject and called later to say she had searched unsuccessfully for the place called PENTASCOPE. She also insisted I should watch the video clip and I did when she re-sent it to me.

Let’s leave her out of the story.

“Journey to Pentascope” was a title of the essay I wrote the day Nigerian officials under President Jonathan announced that they had hired that Manitoba firm to run the Nigerian power transmission system they gave the name TCN. And Pentascope for those who remember was a name that did not exist until Nasir el-Rufai, operating as the big boss of BPE of those days, went overseas searching for a foster father for NITEL. When they returned with the name of PENTASCOPE some of us cried blue murder because there was no single hit for the word ‘PENTASCOPE’ on Googlesearch. The remaining is history and since then I have always associated PENTASCOPE as an unknown destination of an unclear journey.

I understand that Mr Hadi SIRIKA (One of the persons he hired to package that video clip called him ‘siraka’. Yes, in that same clip) is a pilot. Thus indicating he trained to fly people to places they might not have known in their life. If he had handled the packaging of that airshow more competently I would have changed my mind about him and his antecedents that I knew of.

I know a serious mind when I see one. One would have done things more seriously than we are seeing in this AIRSHOW. It is not about ‘meaning well’ but about doing things well.

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3 thoughts on "BY AIR TO PENTASCOPE"

  • In my 4 decades of adulthood, I have experienced several flights to pentascope and when that clown was believing he could not only fly but touch the sky, I had no doubt he was gonna touch nothing since the sky is just what it is. Anyway, I think the revisit is well timed since we are entering electioneering year and there’s need to get required funds while also flying to touch the imaginary sky. Bon voyage

  • No body has given us details of how much we lost on this deal. Where are the 5Jets. It is scam to ciphon our money. The Elephant cannot fly. EFCC should investigate.


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