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Call to Glory, Engr. Dr. TEMILOLA KEHINDE

August 6, 2021


Our friendship with Engr. Dr Temilola Kehinde dates back to September 1969 when as young secondary school graduates we were admitted to University of Lagos to study engineering.

After 3 years (1969-1972) of rigorous studies, we graduated and everyone went his ways in pursuit of various endeavours/career prospects.

The transition to the great beyond of Engr Dr. Temilola (TM) Kehinde following a protracted illness is a loss to members of ULEC@69.72 set

As individuals and as a group. We take solace in the fact that he has finally gone to rest in the bosom of his maker.

TM touched many lifes in different ways.

The formation of our class set association was the brainchild of Temilola about 25 years ago at the funeral obsequies of one of us, late Engr Merisnel ‘Niyi Okeyale.

He, Temilola, was anointed the foundation chairman of the group (a name we called him ever since the association existed).

Nine years ago, September 30, 2012, we had a reunion of the class set and honoured many of our lecturers.

About ten years ago, Temilola promoted the idea that we expanded the association to a faculty-wide membership through the formation of ‘’Unilag Faculty of Engineering Alumni Association’’ (UNILAGFEAA). He argued that we were ageing and naturally expiring one after the other and the need to hand over the objectives of our association to a bigger body for sustainability after us was imminent. The idea was accepted by members.

To his credit Engr Temilola’s expertise as a barrister at law was utilised in drafting the constitution of UNILAGFEAA.
He was a member of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of UNILAGFEAA and donated N200,000 towards the development of the emerging association at the last BOT meeting he attended.

The last major ulec@69.72 related event/outing attended by TM before he fell ill was the first faculty of engineering alumni lecture titled “alumni as drivers of institutional development” delivered by Engr Charles Aladewolu who was the chairman after Temilola.
He was very active in the production of the inaugural edition of faculty of engineering magazine.

It was noteworthy that though Temilola was one of the youngest
in the set, we revered his views and deferred to him on several issues that turned out knotty at association meetings because of his consistent sound reasonings and brilliance.

Engr Dr Temilola Kehinde our foundation chairman had a God given wisdom with which he handled transition of ulec@69.72 set executive committees seamlessly without rancour.

TM, in his life time was a very amiable, humble, dependable, energetic, hardworking, friendly and sound professional colleague. He was the pillar, the beam, iron, cement, and mortar that held ulec@69.72 set together and active. He had unique ways of reaching out to every member.


We owe his family, especially his wife – Mrs. Olabopo Kehinde, a huge debt of appreciation for devoting so much to caring for one of our own.

We pray that Almighty God who supported her hitherto will comfort his wife, children, and family.

May his soul rest in peace. Adieu! Adieu! TM

Engr Jacob Akin Coker
Chairman ULEC@69.72 set

Engr Samson Banjo
Secretary ULEC@69.72 set

The website

has been created by the family for those who want to share stories and pictures to honour Engr. (Dr.) Temilola Kehinde.

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