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Chief Obafemi Awolowo on Party Stalwarts, Party Stewards, Ordinary Bastards, etc etc

November 4, 2018

Something runs through all the books written by Chief Obafemi Awolowo especially those in the series of ADVENTURES IN POWER.

Being accounts of political developments, a lot of the stories involved political activists who, were the books to be written by a person like me, would be described as thugs. Chief Awolowo found convenient words to replace the reprehensible word ‘thugs’.

Where the thugs were small fries who ‘dabaru everything’ (as explained by Saraki’s boy AY, see “Let’s Xray the art of “‘dabaru-ing’ the whole place” Chief Awolowo called them ‘our party stewards’. Where the thugs were big men the type who, today, would call themselves ‘constituted authority’, Chief Awolowo used the phrase ‘our party stalwarts’. And he found occassions to describe those who did anything that might derail his free education program as ‘ordinary bastards’.

Truth really is: those who the Sage thought had been eliminated from the system for future generations had since emerged even in Chief Awolowo’s Western Region (known as South West today) as ‘constituted authorities’, ’emperors’ and ‘apc stalwarts’.

Listen to this account……


and reach your on conclusions.

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