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DANCE VIDEO : Power-packed, electrifying, ingenious, original, turbo-charged, world-class ….

August 23, 2018

OLAMIDE’S “SCIENCE STUDENT” Dance Video : Power-packed, electrifying, ingenious, original, turbo-charged, world-class ….name it, score and rate. Point is…

I spent most of my adult life preparing the youth for leadership. I have scored reasonable points but i am yet to claim anywhere close to success. I can tell you for free that the odds are gargantuan.

Not only the adults, even their peers, are not ready to accept them when they strike the excellence cords. They have to work two times their adult counterparts to get half the available commendations.

You might not have read any review on Olamide’s hit video, “Science Student”. I have read ten. I tell you it is either they are saying “great but it has no storyline” “Great but a y z is coppied”. “Great but …….bla bla bla”

Here we are talking of DANCE.

DANCE. Period.


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