March 28, 2019

A digital skills development program designed to develop the ICT and Telecommunications competencies of participants, boost entrepreneurship and innovation, and empower disadvantaged youth will soon commence from the stables of the Digital Bridge Institute. The program has been advertised in newspapers as the Technology Apprenticeship Program (TAP). On Monday, April 1, 2019, PUNCH published a full-page detailed advert on page 28.

DBI is deliberately providing high-quality hands-on training courses at a fraction of their regular prices because skills development is best elevated using digital technology. Courses which are usually priced at more than N100,000 have been subsidized within this program to between N25,000 and N30,000. The goal is to allow young Nigerians who would otherwise be unable to afford the courses to enroll and acquire or upgrade their digital skills, thereby enhancing their career prospects and earning potential.
Unfortunately, no matter how heavily subsidized a training program is, there are still millions of Nigerians who will not be able to afford it.

Best placed to take advantage of this unique opportunity are State governments who are desirous to empower their citizens and help them acquire skills that will allow them to infiltrate the ICT and Telecommunications industry. Such State Governments should sponsor their citizens in large numbers and give their youths a better chance at success in this digital age! Ditto for Local Governments, community associations, and concerned parents.

Enrollment is not limited by quota, and each State is eligible to train as many of its citizens as it desires while the program runs. Enrollment is also available to individuals.

Details are available at www.dbi.edu.ng/

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