January 25, 2019

(Of a Manager)

Every manager, be it in the public service or private business, must DOCUMENTREPORTCALCULATEPRESENTREPRESENT (as in Imaging), and COMMUNICATE (as in Voice, Email, and various other applications). I call them Desirable Critical Actions of a Manager. In all of these actions, ICT has provided the means to do them 100 times better, 100 times faster and 100 times cheaper. Even if there are no longer people who want to do things better and faster, I know everyone wants to do it cheaper to enhance his or her profit margin.
We shall use the engineering approach in this short discussion, so that we can gain a lot more from talking only a little. That is to say we shall draw a table around those 7 DESIRABLE CRITICAL ACTIONS of work and business, and discuss each one along the path of tools, cost, development, training availability, cost of training, and finally ways of improving availability of opportunity to improve ourselves. We shall then talk about special issues such as optimizing the use of smartphones, Personal Assistant Apps, OTTsand the YouTube.

That was the opening paragraph of our discussion on Dynamics of Requisite ICT Knowledge for Today’s Manager and we ended it with

“Today, I am inclined to say the FUTURE we can forecast is one in which EVERYONE of us will have his or her own IDENTITY in CYBERSPACE because that is the SPACE where we shall all MEET and INTERACT. I may not be here with you then, but something tells me that will happen to ALL THE PEOPLES of the world!”

The text of the discussion is at

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