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Dialysis of obj-afenifere ‘COALITION’

June 24, 2018

Quite understandably, a large number of quality responses to my last post on “OBJ NETWORKS AFENIFERE” made very useful analyses, references and conclusions on all sides of today’s political divides.

One, in particular, insisted that i should share with him my personal opinion on my report of political journeys that obj has been making in recent times especially now that it would appear the old man might have now found love with ‘Restructuring’.

Of course, by classifying the entire story as POLITICKING, I have passed a verdict on the charade that was starting. Politicking of that genre can never result in nation building. And I even said so. It is good politics and a meeting of quality minds, in this particular circumstance, of sincere elders and statesmen, that can add value to the polity. A person who saw vision that he was a target of assasins is now moving about freely finding a coalition, any coalition, to clutch to. Thats not how to build a nation.

I have chased Obj enough in my parables of the Tortoise which is his characterisation in my political wikipidia.

In a way, I even rate obj better than afenifere. The bile in Afenifere’s stomack is for Tinubu (a more sagacious mind than their average) while the bile in Obj’s stomack is, at this moment, for pmb (a more disciplined mind than their average). The two biles wont add value to themselves nor to anything else.

This is an ordinary Yoruba politicking which will not mean much to the entire Nigerian polity. So there is nothing to loose one’s head about. It is just good that we note it for historical record.

The two sides to the bargain are not respectable entities and i trust that my people will just leave them to keep doing their ranting. Culture demands we do not lampoon them directly though. We do it with poems, proverbs and parables.

If pmb wins the next election which is high probablity (yes get surprised by that!!!! – a talk for another day) they will both bite dust for different reasons.

Quote me, I told you so.

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