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August 24, 2022



“The aphelion phenomenon will cause extreme cold weather on Earth till August 22, 2022”.

A post circulated on social media platforms claiming that “the aphelion phenomenon” — the point at which the Earth is furthest away from the sun — would cause weather changes and make people sick. The post specifically said “From tomorrow till August 22, the weather will be much cooler and cooler than the last year. This is called the aphelion phenomenon.”

However, this claim has been declared false on factcheck quoting NASA opinion.

What should not go unmentioned was the fact that indeed, around us at the B&B Guest House it had since then been unusualy chilly all day on all days since mid July 2022. For us, we call it DUSTSTORM to indicate we took special notice and advantage of the weather behaviour.

Incidentally the period coincided with the end of two years of our operation and a time we commenced upgrading some of our infrastucture that help to improve service delivery.

We thank our Guests, some of who actually suggested the areas we concentrated on for upgrade. We hope and pray we shall serve better as we move into the third year.

Opposite Equity Resort Hotel
Odolegan Quarters, Erunwon Road
Telephone 08183443129 0807 261 9794

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