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April 1, 2018

As you probably know, some guys have put on video what they consider the six predictions which Mr. Bill Gates made that have all turned out dead correct.

1999 to now is not yet 20 years but in technology growth terms, it is quite some long time. And it was the year Bill made those predictions.

Bill Gates wasn’t using what he read in books. He was talking from a position of deep involvement in a subject he and only a few other geniuses created and that makes a whole lot of difference between his own thoughts and mine which was a neophyte’s use of what I read and perhaps what I was merely passionate about.

It was only one of the six things Mr. Bill Gates touched on that truly struck my mind in those days. My own story was, however, different and it was this: Three years earlier, in 1996, one senior journalist extracted an interview off me. I remember he asked that I should predict the future of technology; of the Internet; and its foreseeable impact in our lives. I felt I was too ordinary to be asked such a giant question. I thought I avoided the question until I saw Aaron Ukodie’s publication in which he used my answer to his question. I then remembered that I told him I could not predict what would happen but I could predict what I would want happen. ‘In Nigeria’ I insisted.
What I told him then had remained a permanent record on the Home Page of my website since 2004 when I built my first site till today when the site has transformed more than ten times.

Sorry I digressed. I was actually talking about the only other thing I thought about in the past which Bill Gates also talked about. That in future, all of us would see the need to register our own domain names and build our personal websites no matter our status or station. Well, I am talking of ‘you and I’ when I say ‘all of us’.

The titiomoettu.com.ng platform is committed to seeing others realise that faster than they imagine. All we ask is that they make a request once they have the will to make it happen.

Happy Easter.

Watch what Bill Gates’ predictions video here >>>>>

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=972619189603104&id=1864836187111682 and

Read what I said here >>>>>

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