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Eid al-Adha: GOD, IBRAHIM, and a LAMB

August 8, 2019

Eid al-Adha : FESTIVAL of the SACRIFICE

But, before Ibrahim could sacrifice his son, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead.

And in that spirit therefore……..

May God accept our Ibadah, grant us the strength to celebrate many more Sallah. May he forgive all our sins and give us the hope to live in his glory today and forever. Happy Eid El Kabir to you and your family.

ORIGIN OF Eid al-Adha

One of the main trials of Abraham’s life was to face the command of God to sacrifice his dearest possession, his son. The son is not named in the Quran, but the earliest Islamic traditions identify Ishmael as the son who was sacrificed. Upon hearing this command, Abraham prepared to submit to the will of God. During this preparation, Shaitan (the Devil) tempted Abraham and his family by trying to dissuade them from carrying out God’s commandment, and Abraham drove Satan away by throwing pebbles at him. In commemoration of their rejection of Satan, stones are thrown at symbolic pillars during the Stoning of the Devil during Hajj rites.

When Abraham attempted to cut his son’s throat on mount Arafat, he was astonished to see that his son was unharmed and instead, he found an animal which was slaughtered. Abraham had passed the test by his willingness to carry out God’s command.

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