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‘Femi & ‘Segun

November 10, 2019


Yesterday, I read Mr. Femi Adesina’s essay on what is just nothing more than a presidentAtiku-post-mortem. Really nothing in it beyond a mere catalogue of facts. Facts that may be unnecessary to recount. But Femi is first and foremost a writer. And writers do unnecessary things which everybody else thinks should not, maybe may not, be done.

Predictably, this screenshot

appeared in my inbox within the day. And the author is an attraction. One hell of a brilliant pdp guy…. ‘Segun Showunmi.

I have not read it and I will not. The point is: if you ask me to pre-write what is likely to be in there, you only want to see me making the first, first class grade of my life. I bet you!
(Wanna try me? ok….off-point, gutter, abuses, white-is-black,…..bla, bla, bla……want more? Now go check!).

‘Segun is a brilliant hand that Atiku thought can do anything. Of course, Atiku is ready to believe anything if it sounds like saying he would one day become President of Nigeria.

The day ‘Segun’s appointment as Atiku’s Election Image Handler was announced, I tweeted and copied him a congratulations message. I let him know he had a brand-new job he would find impossible. But yes, he had a job to do and he must do it. And ‘Segun went to town. The remaining is not only history but a story. Well done, Sheg!

It surprises how anybody who is Nigerian can think Atiku would ever become President of Nigeria. With all that Nigerians know? Haba! But that is something else.

The real something here is to ask when is it that a job ends. When will ‘Segun’s assignment, I mean his job, end? Here is a guy who has done a good job of a bad, impossible (indeed ‘unpossible’) assignment.

This Atiku thing is like being in a pit.

When in a deep pit, stop digging.

As for Femi, his task is already over so he has all the time in the world to write. I will be surprised if his principal, save for his taciturnity, would even like that catalogue. That is if he ever gets to read it.

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