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Femmo doing the bang, Bang, BANG !!!

July 23, 2017

There is nothing new under the sun……..”
……There is recompense for evil, and there is also recompense for good.”, Mr Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Buhari, in his 1,164 words’ essay ‘PMB AND THE DESCENDANTS OF SHIMEI’ July 21, 2017, shows that idleness is not the best friend of a normally very busy folk.

We now have one extra reason to pray that the President returns to us in good health and very soon too. Because Femi may loose his mind totally if his idleness drags any significantly further. Except if cyber warmongers, fakenews authors and hate agents close shop.

Mr Reuben Abati it was who also showed such traits when he was in the saddle at the Villa. His own, however, was a clear case of bending to too much pressure those days.

So the question arises : why are the symptoms of too much pressure(the social media induced pressure, that is) the same as that of idleness (a.k.a no work amidst social media bombardment)?

Femmo, sofry sofry, my brother.

If it gets too hot, ask your son who, happily, is a pilot, to fly you to Honolulu, Hawaii while we all wait for SAIBABA.

Your essay is sent as next post.

From the Observatory
Badagry, Nigeria
July 23, 2017
(Limited Circulation)

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