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‘Flight to PENTASCOPE’ Crashlands

September 21, 2018

“I understand that Mr Hadi SIRIKA (One of the persons he hired to package that video clip called him ‘siraka’. Yes, in that same clip) is a pilot. Thus indicating he trained to fly people to places they might not have known in their life. If he had handled the packaging of that airshow more competently I would have changed my mind about him and his antecedents that I knew of.

I know a serious mind when I see one. One would have done things more seriously than we are seeing in this AIRSHOW. It is not about ‘meaning well’ but about doing things well” – That was my closing paragraph in the August 4 blogpost on our famous FLIGHT to PENTASCOPE.

The fellow whose post was the first I read this morning asked me to comment on the news in town that work on the new national carrier, Nigeria Air, was suspended indefinitely by the Federal Government yesterday.

I have no comment that is diffent from the one at http://titiomoettu.com.ng/blog/by-air-to-pentascope/

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