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My Friends, PLEASE LET’S TALK (2)

January 28, 2018

My Distinguished Friends,

In the coming years, computer chips will cost just about what the telephone ‘SIM’ costs today. That’s next to nothing, right?

We can forecast the next breakthroughs will be via robotic technology and the human brain may eventually be retained and sustained long after the owner(?) has ‘gone’. It will find applications in virtually all aspects of our lifes especially in medicine, enginerring and even the arts.

The point is that not all of us will be part of making it happen but it will be a tragedy if we make ourselves uncompliant with the environment that will profit from all of it.

So what do we do?

The starting point is to stay in touch to discuss, reason and take on the issues together. Just as we have done so far on ‘apc-pdp-miyetti-cattle-cows’ etc

I suggest a regular visit to me at www.titiomoettu.com.ng

That is where we shall do the talks, cook the food, and serve the meals, A LA CARTE. We did it before. And we can do it again.

Please be a regular reader of MY BLOG, MY SHORTAKES, PAPERS TALK , etc etc when you get to my place, my website.

Is the place.

From the Observatory of
Ijebu-Ode, Nigeria.
January 29, 2018.

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