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GOLGOTHA, Place of The Skull that may host a Majesty

June 1, 2019

The enigma that some of us say His Royal Majesty is, is what may send him to golgotha.

According to Dr. Ugoji Egbujo in his June 1, 2019 essay titled ‘Lamido Sanusi : An Emir on the ropes’, “many said while HRM was Governor of the Central Bank, he saved the banking system from perdition by picking out the cankerworms  and dressing the sores that could have become gangrenous. Others said he was an overzealous petty  vindictive regulator who used a sledge hammer to smash when he could have used a scalpel to tease.

From the throne much later, “he spoke against retrogressive cultural practices that had blighted the North and the country. He highlighted  the ill treatment of girl child  in the north. He warned against   child marriages.  He spoke vociferously against the reckless population explosion in the north and wanted birth rate controlled. He wondered what the politicians were doing with public resources while jobless youths roamed the streets. He was bound to ruffle  feathers.  His opponents said he was desecrating the hallowed throne by dabbling into radical politics.  But it was, again, the charges of hypocrisy that were the most pointed blows he received.”

All these and more are what make the essay a must read for those who love (or hate) Lamido Sanusi and his ways.

The enigma actually saw it coming when earlier in the year he said “My post-election resolution is to avoid controversies”. But did he? Or was it too late?

The full essay published in Vanguard is at

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