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March 3, 2019

Imagine.. for a moment.. that former Vice President Atiku had won that election and Saraki had lost as woefully, both in popularity and in relevance, as he did in Kwara. Tell me what would have happened.

I bet you, Saraki would have been the defacto No 2 man in the country and Mr Peter Obi would have ended up dumped (I don’t mean on account of Obi’s tribe, whoever he is would have ended up dumped) as Saraki would be a CabalCapone that beats Mamman Daura’s record.

Among many other fallouts, our country’s gradually restoring profile would have nosedived. It would take Saraki an attempt to upstage Atiku that he would know that Atiku’s fulani is original while his own is taiwan. Of course by then corruption would have reversed to five-for-one-kobo and IBB would be laughing at us.

Correct me if I’m right, and tell me your own GooogleForecast.

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