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March 29, 2020

A rather curious PERSPECTIVE on one of the CONSPIRACY theories.. . .
Is this PANDEMIC planned? Could it have been planned? If you say YES, how do you justify that? If you say NO, why do you say so? What really are the FACTS and the NUMBERS? Some guys are closing up on such data.
Watch & listen … . .

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2 thoughts on "HIT, RUN, & STRIKE GOLD?"

  • I saw this too. I also saw the american lawyers “law suit of $20tr” on China for the same business. I saw a writeup that it was America that sent the bioweapon to China and China changed the strain and redeployed it back to the US. I also saw the clip that it could have manifested as a result of the activities leading to 5G deployment starting from China. Which ever theory fits, it showed that it is man-made and a show of superiority btween China and the US. My worry is the many innocent lives involved not only in these 2 countries but throughout the world. Does it mean that we are just “thankless blind experimental worms” for their warfare? What should the world be doing about this?


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