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Images of Idris Wase, the honorable

March 17, 2021

Let’s put this on the blog for posterity so that future Nigerians will say “and we also passed this stage”.

A Deputy Speaker of our Federal House of Representatives stood down a petition because the authors of the petition are Nigerians who live in America.

So sordid a show Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa (DG, Diaspora Commission) must be prevailed upon to drop a note to her fellow politicians on the need to rescue their constituency from ignominy of working with this quality of mind as Deputy Speaker.

Yes, some communities must necessarily be represented by little minds. Should our collective use such minds to superintend plenaries?

Yes, it has happened before, and it will happen again. Should we not document it as part of our history?

Click, view, and listen. .. .. ..

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Meanwhile a Group, Nigerians in Diaspora worldwide, has taken up the matter as reported in

And the guy was even denying the story.

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2 thoughts on "Images of Idris Wase, the honorable"

  • The last speaker in that video has said it all. All I want to add is that, there are no credible hands in this government. From top to bottom of this government is a disaster. A top notcher of the party told me after the 2011 election is s not a presidential material. Today, I cannot agree with him more. Wase had a criminal case, it took a lot of political horse-trading to put him there. I don’t expect much from him, I am not getting much from him and I know he will not give much.

  • Sir, I am not surprised… the way Nigeria is being run today will determine if it survives tomorrow. When people in power claim to “own” Nigeria or a portion of it and that laws mean nothing… I am afraid we are all sitting on a hot rock! When the temperature increases, we have only 2 choices: melt and die with it or revolt.


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