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IMPUNITY – The ‘ACTUAL’ CAMP NEYA that orji-uzor-kalu built

December 9, 2019

Impunity lowers one’s sense of caution. It endues the bearer with foolishness, assuring him that he’d get away with the present act as he’s gotten away with earlier ones. A false sense of reality. A false sense of right and a warped sense of the not-so-right.

Impunity has turned out a big betrayer. Over time, it had lulled orji uzor kalu into a false sense of security. And time kept watch. Time has turned out again to be on the side of the law. Any lesson here?

Mr X UWADOKA who paints a narrative on the latest casualty of a government that says ‘ENOUGH of all this NONSENSE’.



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One thought on "IMPUNITY – The ‘ACTUAL’ CAMP NEYA that orji-uzor-kalu built"

  • Egbon, for the first time, I have to disagree with you. This is not about impunity but simply, insanity of the highest order. In a state and country with so many poor people!!!! Give this place 10 years after his death, it will be completely derelict


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