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‘Indecent Activities’ of Kano

May 24, 2019

“So many teenage boys and girls were seen swimming almost naked……” and that explains why Kano State Tourism Management Board’s Chairman, Mr. Abdullahi Gwarzo, closed a Recreation Centre recently.

Abeg, in what form of dressing do people swim? In babanriga?

We must be very careful with these politicians. When they take fatal decisions like this, sometimes simply because they, probably, have a quarrel with somebody, they destroy businesses, send multitude of people to the job market and turn our youths to vagabonds. They usually know not, or care less about, the full implications of such irrational decisions. How can people swimming ‘almost naked’ be a basis of shutting down a Recreation Centre? It is people like these who yanked history off our schools’ curriculum because somebody felt “they are teaching them what they should not be teaching them”.
We must be alert and let these people know their limit of irrationality. They destroy our future.

For full story:
Kano Govt Shuts Down Another Recreation Centre Over ‘Indecent Activities’

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