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INNOVATION: ‘MY LOCATOR’, Schoolgirl Tomisin’s APP.

August 30, 2018

A recent BBCs report says Lagos based Tomisin Ogunnubi, 15, is a teenager with a passion for programming.

Three years ago she created My Locator, an app which helps children who are lost.

The mobile app, which is available on the Google Play Store, has already been downloaded more than 1,000 times since its debut in 2016.

The app can link you to Google Maps and show you the directions from your current location to the location that you had previously saved.

It also has a functionality where when you click on an alert button. It sends a text message and makes a phone call – that’s if you’ve enabled it in your settings – to a particular number that you’ve designated to it.

It could be an emergency number or it could be a family member’s number. It’s basically your choice. So in case of an emergency, when you need an urgent response, it sends your current address to that number so somebody can easily locate where you are.

Tomisin is quoted to have said “I was very conscious about security, thinking… there are different dangerous people, so I guess the idea of being able to go out safely might have been what triggered the idea for the app.

But it was me then as my 12-year-old self thinking, ‘Oh I’ve just learned how to create applications. How about I use what I have learned to create something that can be useful to me and other people?'”

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