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Japan, the ATYPICAL

June 14, 2022

In 1977 when almost all electronics was analog, 24 participants of an international training program in telecommunications voted overwhelmingly to describe Japan as THE ATYPICAL. That was after we reviewed several indices of network specifications and performance among the WORLD’S BEST 10.

All the 18 FACTS raised in the accompanying video clip only emerged several decades after 1977.

How shall we describe Japan TODAY, when the world has just conveniently stopped talking about and comparing her with others?

‘The INTRIGUING’ has been suggested.

Any more suggestions?

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One thought on "Japan, the ATYPICAL"

  • Very interesting. Thanks. I now remember that in 1980, 81 to mid 1982, while I was on a 2-year assignment in Brunei She’ll, near Singapore, there was a weekly program on TV titled INSIDE JAPAN. Based on that experience, I am not surprised on the progress now seen in Japan.


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