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John McCain: COURAGE, UNCOMMON PATRIOTISM (by Omoniyi Ibietan), and I add CIVILITY

August 29, 2018

I started doing a draft tribute on US Senator John McCain two weeks before he took his last breath. The excercise was suspended when I wondered to myself who told me Senator John McCain would die before me.

Just about then I caught a fever, landed in hospital, and trust the manner treatments for fever operates. It deals with you before dealing with the fever. Middle of the night I thought I might not make it till morning and the folly of contemplating the tribute of a man who was yet to die caught up with me.

I wasnt afraid of dieing. Why should I? But I felt bad I had not said the things I wanted to say about a great man that John McCain had been as a human being and as a politician of this century.

Now John McCain is dead and I am alive. As I now sit down to complete work on him I just read what my friend, Omoniyi Ibietan, published in PremiumTimes on the man John McCain this morning.

I feel I should just be satisfied sharing that with my reading team.


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