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LAGOS STATE STILL RUMBLING ON LAND USE CHARGE LAW as lawyers call for a return to status quo

March 29, 2018

The wobbling, fumbling and rumbling that engulfed Lagos State on March 8, one which Governor Akinwunmi Ambode thought would ‘just come and go’ has now taken a life of its own. The Governor’s palace men must have overrated his popularity when they maneuvered his puppet legislature to craft a hurried Land Use Law which, after failing to sail among Lagosians, is now walking its way back to the House of Assembly for a revision.
At the beginning, Mr. Ambode thought he could lie, cajole, deceive, and bravado his way through the unpopular and truly most unfair tax increases in recent history, not only in land use but in several other public ill-services. But he now knows better.
A particular thorn in his flesh is the Lagos State Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association which, after several theatric agitations staged a walkout, apparently premeditated, when the Legislature called for a one day Public Hearing on the controversial amendment of Lagos State LUC (Amendment) Law 2018, two days ago.
Government is being asked pointedly to return to status quo on what is now described as an ‘anti-peoples’ law’. With the Chairman of Lagos Branch of the Bar Association saying his life is under threat and threatening to lead his members again to the streets on Thursday, March 29 when President Muhammadu Buhari is billed to come and commission a ‘big bus-top’, in Lagos, something may have to give.
Will the lawyers give in? Will Buhari stop his visit? Will the Governor make a TV broadcast and warn ‘miscreants not to be allowed to hijack the lawyers’ procession’? Or will the police just reinforce and show teeth in Lagos? Will the Land Use Charge law be put away at least for now? What will give? Something will. We wait and see.

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