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Let’s ADD a few TOOLS

October 18, 2018

Between now and end of year, a few tools will add to my website ( www.titiomoettu.com.ng ) to achieve various objectives. What goes up now is a SEARCH TOOL which helps navigation of not only the blog content but also the entire website. It is installed on the Home Page.

A search tool had always accompanied my websites in the past but I deliberately delayed its installation on titiomoettu.com.ng when it opened early this year. Now it has become necessary so that readers can recall earlier postings with ease by just doing a search.

A few days ago somebody carried odd theatre to EFCC office and see how newshounds swarmed to him as if one big news was in town. If a Nigerian student had created a solution that would turn up our lifes, news reporters, the kinds that we are, will not define it as news the way that jester had mobilised attention.

I remember writing a few things in the past about the subject matter and it took me several minutes to fish out those posts for a fresh reference. Then I knew it was time a search tool went up on the site.

Just insert your word or group of words that come to mind to search on the entire website from Blog, to Papers, Headlines, Shortakes, other media etc. and .. pronto ..you are reading the stuff again or afresh.

Please let’s run.

And thank you for staying in touch.

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